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Fly Fishing / Nymphing along the Rio Ceira in Central Portugal

More and more people are deciding to spend their fishing holiday in the mountains of Central Portugal.​
Our unspoilt nature reserve, which lies along 350 meters of the Rio Ceira, has many private, secluded and secret swims.
There is a further 1.5km of unspoilt river either side of the venue for you to explore and fish.
Accommodation is along the river, 30meters from the riverbank.


The pictures below are all from within the venue

At Quinta Prio Mendes you can Eat, Drink and Fish without the worry of

having to leave and go home.

This package is very unique in we cater for your accommodation, catering

and fishing needs so you can relax and enjoy your experience.

We are 18km from Gois and 2h15min from Porto and Lisbon airport.

Suggested fishing sessions and swims

From Quinta Prio Mendes you can walk towards Cortada and fish all the

swims. This is 1.5km of pristine river.

Fly Fishing river stretch

From Quinta Prio Mendes you can walk towards Candosa and fish all the

swims. This is 3 km of pristine river.

Fly fishing river trail candosa

Fishing Season 

1st of March to 31 of September.

Best fishing periods: 

June, July and August when the caddis hatch to fish and big trout can be seen feeding during early morning, late evening or even at night. Caddis are great indicators of water quality as they dislike water polution and often die off in

poor quality waters. 

Types of fish:

Brown trout


Fishing licenses - Local License required

Recreational fishing licenses are mandatory and can be easily obtained from the local

council in Gois. License for fishing every year €10.00.If you do not have one we will make

an arrangement to aquire one.

Heading 1

Catching trout on the Rio Ceira

Useful Information:

General info and Licensing

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Best selling book referencing the Rio Ceira

Best selling book referencing the Rio Ceira

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