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There are four private river beaches, all part of the main Rio Ciera. Swim in the cool

waters or simply dip your feet and let the fish nibble at your toes.

The rare natural rock formations make a unique natural swimming spa. 

All the river beaches are unique and each one has a different ambiance.



This natural half-acre area is where the bees feed and the 'little guys' find refuge.

Walk freely through this sensitive area, feel the natural hum of the bees.

We ask you to please remain on the designated pathways.


The refreshment area under the chestnut tree is fitted with a mini kitchen that includes a

fridge, freezer, a three-ring gas hob and an oven. There is 240V electricity for charging

laptops and phones and blending fruit juices.

This area offers ample shade from the summer sun.

The first aid box is situated here.



This flat half-acre area can be used for any activity and there is 240V electricity and a

water point. It's a good spot for erecting a marquee or bell tents for group use.

Situated 30meters away from the toilets and showers, it also offers plenty of shade next

to the river.


We take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously and have installed a 5000ltr

septic tank beneath ground level which the council empties periodically.

There are:

Two flush toilets

Hot and cold shower
Hand basin and mirror



There is ample off-road parking and safe access from the main road (M543) onto the farm

either via the driveway or the ergonomic steps. There is also vehicular access to the river

beaches and a turning circle which allows production vehicles to safely enter and exit the


Enigma locations legal information liability disclaimer:


Brendan Felton – Enigma Locations offers private short term land rental.

By agreement you consent to enter a contractual agreement and that Enigma Locations will not be liable for personal injury, death, damage

to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, delay or any other matter beyond their control on or off the farm.

Any person visiting Enigma Locations (users) do so at their own risk. Users are to acknowledge that any outdoor recreational activity

including but not limited to camping, glamping, hiking, biking, tree climbing, rope swings and river swimming have inherent risks and

agree that their participation in any such activity is voluntary and entirely at the users own risk.

We recommend sufficient travel insurance to cover , loss, damage or injury.

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