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Venture Capital Overview 


I (Brendan Charles Felton) own 100% of QUINTA PRIO MENDES.
Quinta Prio Mendes is a one-hectare, private, off-grid farm nestling in the mountains  of Central  Portugal. This indigenous nature reserve whose valleys make up the Rio Ceira, boasts 350m of prime riverside location.

Investment is legally  secured against this asset in the Notary Department.

Current Value    100K+

Purchase, Rehabilitation and Transformation of an off grid property from unattended and neglected into  habitable properties and/or a going concern and then selling it as such.


Investment offered & Return on investment      
>200000  14% Net
200000 - 500000 22% Net
<500000  31% Net

PROPERTY TYPES: Off grid Properties - Portugal

                                         2/3 bed houses - UK


Below is an accurate example of the fiscal plan when doing an off grid property

Our Aim

Purchasing the property at the correct time – during the winter, allows us the long summer to upgrade and then the next winter to finish. We will sell the property the following summer.

1. Overview
Investment required             ₤80000
Return on Investment          ₤94000
    % Return                               35% Gross
                                                    14% Net
Investment period                 3 years

2. How monies will be spent
Purchase of the next property €40000 (Including Taxes)
Rehabilitation of existing ruin (urban) €20000
Accessibility and upgrade (agricultural) €10000

CLICK HERE for an example property. This is the property I am currently interested but i

f that is not available a similar one to the example given.


I (Brendan Felton) choose / rehabilitate / sell  the property within the agreed time frame of the financial agreement.

I have all the contacts and do not need help in any way.

Both your name and my name will appear on the Deeds as found in the Notary Department. 

The agreement is between myself and the investor and I have separate agreements with my contacts.
You would need to sign an agreement with the lawyer so as she can sign the deeds on your behalf.
Investment is secured against the asset (as above)
When I (Brendan Felton) find the suitable property, the agreed funds should be placed in my Portuguese bank account and the
promissory agreement can be satisfied.

On completion both our signatures are required for the sale and the investors subsequent return on investment.

Silent investor does nothing but receives his payment when the agreement matures.

Each property will take 18 - 36  months from purchase to reselling and have a net profit of

40% - 60%. We estimate that net profit will be €180,000.00 – €230,000.00 after 5 properties.

The initial property costs,  upgrade costs and Profits are retrieved when each individual property is sold.


I am flexible with the terms and will discuss any reasonable offer



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