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TV/ Film/ Photoshoot Location

A Beautifull Riverside Venue

Quinta Prio Mendes is a riverside venue available for hire to the Film/ TV/ Photoshoot industry between May and October.

We are extremely excited about this direction and are looking forward to growing with the Portuguese film and TV industry over the next 15 years. With the government tax incentives and relief, the industry is being subsidised an the future looks very promising.

There is space for the catering vehicle and other vehicles..

Welfare facilities that is required includes 2 Flushing toilets and a Hot/Cold water shower

Accommodation can be arranged for up to 40 staff within 5mins of the venue. 

Different Filming / Photoshoot areas

Heading 1


There are four private river beaches, all part of the main Rio Ciera. Swim in the cool waters

or simply dip your feet and let the fish nibble at your toes. There are natural rock formations

making the spa bath at the 2nd river beach

All the river beaches are unique and each one has a different ambiance.


This natural half-acre area is where the bees feed and the 'little guys' find refuge. Walk freely through this sensitive area via the created pathways.


This flat half-acre area can be used for any activity and there is 240V electricity and a water

point. It's a good spot for erecting a marquee or bell tents for group use. Situated 30meters

away from the toilets and showers, it also offers plenty of shade next to the river.

Welfare Facilities

Heading 1

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